Interesting Details About The Thai Cuisine

Interesting Details About The Thai Cuisine

The Thai cuisine is a refined and healthy cuisine that stands out with the balance it creates between flavors.

How about taking a look at the interesting aspects of the Thai cuisine that has created a unique identity among Southeast Asian cuisines and became famous around the world?

Thai cuisine means “sharing” 

In Thai culture, eating together is indeed equivalent to sharing. Families or friends who go out for dinner together do not make “individual" food choices. Everyone places an order, the orders are served in such a way that they are eaten in a common way at the table. By doing so, everyone at the table gets the opportunity to taste different flavors.

Sharing is so important that the Thai culture even believes that eating alone will bring bad luck!

Fresh ingredients

The healthy ingredients used in the Thai culture isn't the only feature that lies behind the nutritious nature of the Thai cuisine. Using fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits instead of dried or preserved ingredients, is also one of the characteristics that make Thai food nutritious. 

An essential part of the Thai cuisine, rice!

Each grain of rice is very important in the Thai cuisine and not a single grain is being wasted. Rice, which is an important part of each meal, is even used in while greeting people in the Thai language. As it can be seen in the sentence "Gin kôw rĕu yang?" - "Have you consumed rice yet?", rice is a taste that even affected the language.

The use of chopsticks

Although the Chinese cuisine has influenced Thai cuisine throughout history, chopsticks are hardly preferred. A fork and spoon is used instead of chopsticks. A fork is an auxiliary tool to put dishes to the spoon. 

The food content has little to do with time

When thinking about breakfast, most cultures may surely not think of hot noodles or rice. But in Thailand, it is very common to consume lunch or dinner options at breakfast as well.

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Ingredients that make the Thai cuisine a balanced and healthy one

Ingredients that make the Thai cuisine a balanced and healthy one

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