What do the restaurant names CokCokThai and AzCokThai mean?

What do the restaurant names CokCokThai and AzCokThai mean?

CokCokThai and AzCokThai are brands, which were carefully planned even before they were founded. 

CokCokThai was opened in 2006, after gaining insight about the Thai culture and cuisine for years and the restaurant represents Thailand in its architectural and decorative elements. CokCokThai’s building was designed by the Singaporean  architect Kay Ngee Tan and the architect got inspired by the traditional Thai houses. These two restaurants thus invite their guests to experience the architecture, cuisine and culture of Thailand.


So what does the name CokCokThai symbolize? The name CokCokThai (Much Much Thai) actually gives a hint about the unique flavors that are being offered; one serving of the dish you choose from the menu offers many different flavors at once.  Pad Thai Noodle, a special dish from the menu offers "much much different" ingredients like spring onion, peanuts, bean sprouts, tamarind sauce, soy sauce, tofu and eggs in just one plate, for instance. The spring rolls on the menu also bring together different flavors in just one serving as they include both fruits and vegetables at once.


While CokCokThai continued to serve important world class Thai dishes in Pera - an important part of the identity of Istanbul - another restaurant called AzCokThai followed it in 2016. The name of this second restaurant, opened in Cukurcuma - a district which is full of art and history - was chosen to symbolize what it has to offer, too. AzCokThai also reflects the Thai culture with its decoration and hosts its guests in the warm atmosphere of Cukurcuma. The name "AzCokThai" (Less Much Thai) reflects the boutique concept of the second restaurant. AzCokThai believes that "less is more". So it has less of what the CokCokThai menu has to offer but thinks it is offering also "more" by doing so. This unique venue offers the neighborhood culture of Cukurcuma and incorporates the "street food" tradition of Thailand into it. The orders at AzCokThai are prepared in an open kitchen in front of the guests just like the street food is being prepared in Thailand.

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